Helping Streetwear brands discover their DNA.

A workshop designed to help streetwear brands of all sizes find clarity, build foundations and prioritze goals for growth.

What is Brand DNA ?

Brand DNA is the basic foundation for Streetwear brands to understand who they are. Brand DNA will give you the building blocks for your brand identity and give you a robust framework to build fans, not customers.

Start with the Foundations

Designing a brand from the ground up? We begin with goals and the building blocks of how the brand will connect personally. Well-established brands require attention to core foundational elements that reinforce their values and relationships with your fans.

What is Brand DNA ?

Six exercises, designed to unify a brand and build a strong community. They include team alignment, brand attributes, customer profiles, mission statements, goal prioritization, and brands’ strengths and weaknesses.

What They Think_



Building a brand is challenging work and often feels like going around in circles. Out of 12 + million brands online, only 8% will sell more than $1,000 in products this year.

Most new brands are faced with these two main challenges

  1. Not knowing who their actual customer is.
  2. Getting those people to make their first purchase.
That is why I developed The Brand DNA workshop to give brands like yours a leg up from the competition and do what you love.
In the last few years, I had the pleasure of meeting with and helping brands of all sizes shape and define their Brand’s DNA to make the most significant impact of this century.
TJ Maxwell
Designer & Founder
Lets Work Together 🙂 🙂 Lets Work Together 🙂 🙂